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Caditor is an advanced text editor built for productivity.

The project began with the release of Caditor 1.0 on June 23, 2008. Since then, that simple editor has grown to a major, production-quality program in the upcoming release of Daylight. With features ranging from syntax highlighting to text encryption and even a plugin system (for the future), the possibilities are endless. See a more complete feature list.

Please visit the Caditor project page on SourceForge.net for additional information.


The latest version of Caditor is: 3.2.2.

For a list of downloads, please visit the Downloads page.

To check if your version of Caditor is up to date, please run the built-in updater found under the help menu in Caditor. Updates are release at irregular intervals between 1-50 weeks.

Want a peek at what's going to be on in Caditor 3.3? Take a look at the Future Releases page.

To keep up with the latest updates, please take a look at the news section.


For a look at what Caditor feels like, please take a look at all the screenshots. It recommended to take a look at these before downloading to see if the program suits your needs...

Tabs in Caditor '09

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