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Caditor contains a wealth of features useful to anyone who uses a text editor. This list has steadily grown over time with each succeeding release.

In Caditor 1

    Caditor 1 was the first major release of Caditor and was similar to a themed Notepad. Although it did not come with many features, its small size makes it ideal for use as a component of a larger project.

  1. Open/Save
  2. Rich Text Support
  3. Word Wrap
  4. Print File

In Caditor 2

    Caditor 2 is the successor of Caditor 1 and was released 2 months after Caditor 1. The project has greatly grown in the 2 months of development with the addition of numerous bugfixes left over from 1.3.

  1. All of the above
  2. Line Numbering
  3. Text Encryption
  4. Settings Dialog
  5. Syntax Highlighting
  6. Compiler Integration
  7. Encoding Conversion
  8. FTP Support

In Caditor '09

    Caditor '09 is the largest release of the program since its creation back in June of 2008. It is expected to take over from Caditor 2 as the domainant release of the project in 2009. The program contains countless features added over the course of 4 months since development began back in September. Future releases of Caditor '09 are expected to improve on what already exists below.

  1. All of the above
  2. Plugin System
  3. Submit Feedback
  4. Find/Replace
  5. Diff Viewer
  6. Hex Viewer
  7. File Hasher
  8. Insert ASCII
  9. Reopen File
  10. Autocomplete
  11. Favorites
  12. To Upper
  13. To Lower
  14. RSA/DES/RC4 Encryption
  15. Line Endings Conversion
  16. RTF Printing

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