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Please keep up with the latest by visiting this page. This will be the first source anything released by the developmental team will appear on.


2008-12-23: Caditor '09 has officially been released. The release is, as always, available through SourceForge. This version has now grown to over 26,000 lines which is a figure 4 times that of Caditor 2. Read More...

2008-12-21: Work is still being done on the Daylight release which is to be released in 2 days. The final beta is set to come in a few hours and will be released to each of the testers who signed up. There is still much to be fixed in these remaining hours and it is a project-wide goal to get the bugs down to an acceptable level prior to being made public.

A "theme editor" has been added to allow for custom themes for the program. Bugs exist for this though most should be gone in a day or two. The only known bugs in the program relate to RTF processing which hasn't been maintained in quite a while now.

2008-12-13: The release of Caditor '09 will be delayed to December 23 to make room for 2 extra days of testing along with being the half birthday of the program. Please keep your patience as only good will come from it.

2008-12-07: Welcome to the site everyone! It is exciting to finally have one up for the project. Keep updated here for the latest of what's happening with Caditor and any predictions or snapshots of future releases.

Feel free to browse around to see what you like and don't like. The creation of the site will hopefully boost the growth of the project while at the same time, cutting down on bandwidth use by the Caglow site. Have fun!

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