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Historical Releases

Caditor currently has 3 major releases made available to the public. Each succeeding version has built upon the previous adding new features and fixing problematic bugs which have accumulated over the months. This page details these individual releases.

Caditor 1 ('08A)

Caditor 1 was released to SourceForge on June 23, 2008 PDT. The program has actually grown substantually since its creation back on May 20th when it was merely a bare-bones text editor. This release was, in reality, nothing more than a facy Notepad alternative.

The release of Caditor 1.1 brought in features like RTF support and a "Find" functionality. Both were extremely crude at the time to be improved when 1.2 was released a week or so later. Caditor 1.3 was released in early August as a pre-cursor to Caditor 2 which would come in a few weeks. Caditor 1.4 ended off the line as a final update to fix all the bugs of 1.3 discovered in developing the 2.xx line.

Caditor 2 ('08B)

Caditor 2 was the release that brought in the downloads. It was an instant hit as soon as 2.00 was released and boomed with 2.01. The release had begun development even before 1.2 hit beta. The actual program was released on August 22 though the first download didn't come until the next day on the 23rd.

Caditor 2.00 included new features such as text encryption, multilingual support and line numbering. It also provided a way to save settings into a portable ini file. Caditor 2.01 arrived on the 26th and patched up some major bugs discovered in 2.00. It also brought in the Recent Files system which is still in place.

Caditor 2.02 was the first major update to come into the line with the first release of SynHigh, Caditor 2's syntax highlighting engine. It also included an option for multiple encodings. Next in the line came Caditor 2.03 which was an update to Caditor 2.02 allowing for use of 1-line C-style comments. It also provided a mini-FTP client as well as compiler/interpreter integration. This was the last release of Caditor 2 with new features.

As the release line begins to end, Caditor 2.04 arrived to fix the bug-filled Caditor 2.03. Caditor 2.05 followed up on that mission and included further bugs such as the broken updater and the FTP client. After months of extensive work on Caditor '09, a final bugfix, Caditor 2 Final, otherwise known as Caditor 2.06, was completed and released on November 22, 2008.

Caditor '09

Caditor '09 is the latest of Caditor's 3 primary releases being released to the public on December 23, 2008. The release is the largest update to the line since it had been released half a year before.

The initial release, Caditor 3.1.0, lasted for barely enough time to get the Caditor headlines before a patch, Caditor 3.1.1, was released just hours later.

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